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riding obertauern again.


had a nice day at obertauern again. first we met up with shredbuddy k. and rode zehnerkar together, then k. had to leave and we did another 2 runs at zehnerkar. in between, we went to the blue tomato snowboardshop & looked for a new pow-shred board for me.

what to buy, what to buy? i’d like a board about 153 – 155 cm long, suitable for freeriding but still funny, with good pop & easy turnabiliy. and it should be a k2. because i’ve ridden lots of other boards in the past and since i bought my first k2, i stuck with them, as their boards are awesome to ride and very durable.
have to make up my mind about that…

on our last run, we found a pow ski, that seemed to have been lying there for at least one season. if anyone is missing an atomic ski, we turned the ski in at the valley station of the zehnerkar gondola.