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fwq*** x over kitzsteinhorn 2016

on the 18th of march, we packed our gear into our camper and headed west to kaprun. at half past six we dropped into the baumbar to sign up for the fwq*** x over at the kitzsteinhorn.
we ran into many familiar faces and it was really nice to see everybody again. after the cancellation of the fwq** in kappl due to high avalanche risk the fwq*** x over was the first contest of the season for us.

roman still was on the waiting list for the contest at the time and we both hoped that he would be able to make it onto the starting list. it looked bad at first, but then a phonecall brought the change – one of the riders on the starting list wasn’t able to come, so roman was given a starting place and a bib number. he was going to drop in as number 46, whereas i had gotten number 16.
needless to say, we both were very cheerful.

we left the bar shortly after and quickly hit up a supermarket to shop for much needed alimentation.
then we found a good parking spot for our camper and called it a day, after discussing our lines for the contest.

after a night with only a bit of sleep we met up with the others at the gondola at 7am. the sun was already shining when we arrived at the public area to check out the contest face.
the start of the contest was postponed for a few minutes at the riders meeting to allow the crusty surface soften up a bit in the sun.

X OVER 16 - a group of freeriders perfoming a face check from the judges table. Pic by Daniel Roos.

perfoming the face check from the judges table. Pic by Daniel Roos.

shortly after the face check, we took the second gletscherjet gondola up to the alpine center and started our traverse and hike up to the start of the contest.
i really enjoyed the hike a lot – i didn’t have a lot of chances this winter to hike / bootpack or go on a splitboard tour, so it was a very welcome change for me to finally be able to move upwards powered by my two legs.



X OVER 16 - pic of Stephanie Jagl-Posch during the hike up to the start. Pic by Freezing Motions.

during the hike up to the start. Pic by Freezing Motions.


X OVER 16 - on the hike up.

on the hike up.

the tension rose while we waited for our turns at the start. somehow i felt a bit more nervous than usually. i watched rider after rider drop in and swoosh away through the soft-looking powder and my urge to cruise down the face got bigger every minute.

X OVER 16 - the view from above - looking pretty good!

the view from above – conditions looking pretty good!

then it was my turn! i strapped in, nearly got a cramp in my left leg, and then it was time to ride! i rode the upper part pretty quickly, jumping over two bumps. i tried to find my way into the couloir i had chosen, but got a bit lost and then had to traverse a bit to get to the right entrance.
i was rather happy with my riding in the steeper bottom part of the face. i had two hand drags, but nothing serious.
when i crossed the finish line, i was stoked and a bit exhausted, due to the cold i was suffering from at that time.

i exchanged experiences with the other riders who were waiting in the finish area for the other women and then moved to the viewer area.

a short time afterwards the results of the snowboard women category was shown on the big screen. i have to admit i was a bit bummed to find out that i had gotten second to last.
i didn’t understand the result at first, as i hadn’t crashed and felt pretty good about my run.
when we talked to the snowboard head judge after the contest, he filled me in that the cause for my bad placement had been the traversing i did in the middle section.
well, too bad. it still was a very enjoyable ride!

about an hour after my run, it was time for roman to drop in. he rode smoothly and safe, which secured him the 6th place in the end.
we continued to watch the whole contest and were able to witness some spectacular and inspiring runs, as well as getting our goggle tan on 😉

we went to eat lunch after the end of the contest and then came back for the prize giving ceremony.

X OVER 2016 - pic of the girls who made it onto the podium. Pic by Freezing Motions.

congrats to the girls who made it onto the podium: Manuela Mandl won snowboard women, Chevy Challis came in second, Mara Neumayr scored third; Stefanie Noppinger won the ski women category, Verena Fendl came in second and – not on the picture – Tijn Vuijk came in third. Pic by Freezing Motions.

after the prize giving, khantu suggested that we should put the rest of our day pass to use and go ride.
this was nearly the best part of the day – we hiked up to the womens start of the fwq* contest from 2014, everyone picked a point to drop in and then we were able to carve turns into an untouched field.
the view was nice up there, our mood was fine and we indulged in the few slushy powder turns we were able to make.

here are some pics to show you what i mean 😀

can't buy happiness, but can hike up to ride an untracked field.

can’t buy happiness, but can hike up to ride an untracked field.


hiking and riding after the contest.

hiking and riding after the contest.


roman cheering, khantu strapping in.

roman cheering, khantu strapping in.


khantu riding the untracked field.

khantu riding the untracked field.


roman turning a lot more than usually.

roman turning a lot more than usually.


with this good feeling we left the kitzsteinhorn, checked into a camping site with sauna and then fell into our bed where we slept like babies.


gotta keep the burli clean!

at home: gotta keep the burli clean!


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FWQ*** X-Over Ride 2015

X Over Ride 2015 - photo by frø
me riding at the X Over 2015 – photo by frø, thanks to Chevy for sharing it!


this past weekend, the FWQ*** X-Over Ride 2015 took place at the lovely Kitzsteinhorn in Salzburg.
i’ve always been a fan of the countryside of Salzburg, as i’ve been skiing and snowboarding there since i was a small kid. the country offers a beautiful mix of picturesque lakes, soft, green summits and harsh, rocky peaks. most of the people there are very friendly and usually address you with the informal “Du”, as if you were friends, which is not the case in the east of Austria, where foreigners are approached with the polite, but also distant “Sie”.
it’s the perfect place for holidays, no matter the season.

i had visited the Kitzsteinhorn many times before (read about our first descent on the Niedernsill freeride route with the Freeride Experience here) and also competed there in 2013, when a FWQ* took place at the Geißstein (vis-à-vis of the Lakarschneid). i had a great time at that contest, riding powder on a blue bird day and taking 3rd place.

as soon as i knew i was on the starting list of the FWQ*** X-Over Ride 2015, i looked forward to riding the graceful face of the Lakarschneid for the first time.
we packed our bags on friday morning, then drove to Kaprun and took the gondola up to the public area underneath the competition face.
the weather was not too good, but we had the chance to get a first quick glimpse of the competition face.
it looked rather promising with a layer of fresh snow and hardly any tracks.

after a quick lap on the official ski routes we had to take the gondola down to the valley again, as the time window for accreditation was approaching fast. we quickly checked in at our accommodation (a’nette pension – my recommendation! they truly pampered us there with delicious vegan food!) and then headed back to the Baumbar in Kaprun to sign up for the contest and collect our bibs. Roman got number 24 and i was number 2.
pictures were taken of everyone to show them on the big screen in the public area before everyones run.

afterwards, we went back to the pension, had dinner (yummmm!) and then drove back to the Baumbar again for the riders meeting.
we received an update on the safety instructions, judging criteria, the hike to the start and the conditions in the face. basically, we got told the face was going to be pretty ace.

on saturday, we got up early, had a quick breakfast and then drove to the glacier gondola again. we did another face check and then started the traverse to the beginning of the hike.
sadly, as i had bib number 2, we were the first people to start the traverse and we didn’t really knew where to go exactly, so we traversed too low and had to do a 20 minute hike up to the proper start of the hike before the real hike already. dang! at least we were warmed up properly 🙂
from there on, all went well, we hiked through a wide couloir, then over a small rock, which was a bit tricky, but everyone helped each other getting over the rocky part. it was a nice feeling to experience this community vibe!
after about 30 minutes we reached the starting area.
i had only a few minutes left to breathe, calm down, take a sip of water, hectically ask Roman to hand me my goggle out of my already strapped on backpack and – “bib number 2, ready to drop in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” – off i went!

a great and rather unexpected asset of my personality is that i calm down rapidly as soon as i start doing something physically demanding. i can focus on the moment and concentrate on what i am doing and need to do right now and all other thoughts get muted. that’s also why i love sports so much – they clear my mind off all stuff that’s not so important in that very moment and puts things into perspective.

anyhow, my run was smooth, i should have gone faster, i should have done a jump in the lower part of the face, but still, i didn’t fall (a nice experience after setting my personal contest tumble record of 3 at the montafon contest) and so i felt good. it was a real pleasure to ride, the snow was pretty okay for me (it got slushier every minute), my mood was fine and so i arrived in the finish area happily.
i stayed in the finish area together with some of the other girls and we cheered for the riders who just finished their run. it was a nice, friendly atmosphere and i enjoyed being part of it.

i waited anxiously for Romans run and then witnessed how he also came down pretty smoothly, did some small drops and jumps and then arrived at the finish area satisfied.

we watched the whole contest and, although we used sunblock, got a fresh goggle tan.

the prize giving ceremony was very happy and delightful, congrats to all people who made it onto the podium and to the four new Austrian Freeride Series champs, Manuela Mandl (Snowboard), Jacoba Kriechmayr (Ski), Julian “Theking” Zenzmaier (Ski) and Thomas Feurstein (Snowboard)!


after the prize giving, Roman and i approached the snowboard head judge to find out our results – Roman came in 13th and i scored 5th place! very happy about these results! 🙂
finally a good result and a good ending for the contest season! i’m motivated for the rest of the winter season (hopefully some spring touring!) and already looking forward to the next competitions!
thanks to PIEPS and Julbo Eyewear for supporting me!

here’s a video of my run!


Results X Over Ride Snowboard Women:
X Over Ride 2015 Results SB Women, 1 - Mikaela Hollsten (FIN) 2 - Bettina Pickl (AUT) 3 - Manuela Mandl (AUT) 4 - Siobhan Challis (AUT) 5 - Stephanie Jagl-Posch (AUT) 6 - Caroline Onarheim (NOR) 7 - Laura Perfler (AUT)

p.s.: you can help me win a surftrip to Portugal by voting for my video on – you can vote once a day! thank you!

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X Over Ride FWQ *, Kitzsteinhorn

Foto 1

march 22nd, 2013:

we are on our way to kaprun once again. after a short nap of approximately 2 hours, we arrive at the kitzsteinhorn. well, of course the only person napping was me, roman was behind the steering wheel.

we buy afternoon tickets and go up with the gletscherjet. it is snowing and the fresh snow looks very promising, so we check out some easy off-piste possibilities. after 2 hours, the lifts are closing down already.

we take the gondola back down to the valley and visit the “base camp” snowboardstore. we ask hermann to do a service on nearly all of our boards. while waiting for them to be finished, we go to the supermarket to buy some groceries. after that, we return to the shop where we wait, chat with others, have a radler and watch old surfing and snowboarding videos. at 8pm, our boards are ready, we give hermann a lift to his house and then leave to our appartement. we check in, cook noodles and then go to bed very early.

march 23rd, 2013:

the alarm goes off at 5:15. what a rude awakening!
we get up & prepare ourselves for an exciting day. at 7:00, we arrive at the kitzsteinhorn valley station. we get up and prepare ourselves for an exciting day. at 7:00, we arrive at the kitzsteinhorn valley station.

we fill out the sign-up forms and enter the check-in queue. then we take the gletscherjet 1 and go to the face check area. we catch a glimpse of the contest face, but for me at this point, it is only about looking for possible danger zones. i’m not yet able to make out a line and then recognize it from the top of the face 😉

Foto 4

the riders meeting starts at about 8:15, where we get informed that the womens start will not be near the summit of the geissstein, but a little bit lower. i feel relieved that i won’t have to hike all way up to the top, because i’m always a little bit scared of falling when hiking in exposed terrain. i will have to work on that, i guess!

we proceed to the start and then have to wait a bit. during the waiting time, i get more and more excited to ride the wonderful looking face. we were lucky enough to get about 20 centimeters of fresh snow two nights before the contest and surprisingly, no one had dared to ride through the contest face before the competition.

i’m glad that i will be starting as the 6th woman and try to figure out which way to go. the skier before me, Sabine Schipflinger, has bad luck and bails, even one of her bindings breaks. fortunately, she didn’t hurt herself, and after she made it through the finish, it’s my turn.

after hearing “Start frei für Startnummer 6, Stephanie Posch” (clearance to start for bib nummer 6), i take one more deep breath and drop in.

the snow feels great under my board, i am feeling secure that i can handle more speed, so i go for a rather straight line at the beginning, doing a hard turn soon, making the snow spray. i proceed over a windlip and am a little bit surprised by the take off, but manage to land safely. i ride further down, jump another windlip, and wooooosh, i’m crossing the finish line without falling.

i realize that i just had a pretty good run and feel relieved.

Foto 4-1

i hang out in the target area with the other riders, fascinatedly watching the rest of the competitors ride.

pics of my run by Tina Rettenwander

i eat some of my lunch, silently laughing to myself about the poor, smashed banana, which looks like it had been put into a food processor, when in fact, it was only stored in my backpack… not the best idea, clearly 😉

a bit later, i notice that the startnumbers are slowly reaching the 30ies and Roman has number 32. i turn my attention to the face again and am a bit unsure if the rider i’m currently seeing is Roman or not, as he rides in direction of a rather big cliff.
he jumps down the cliff and doesn’t manage to stick the landing. as he is coming closer, i recognize Roman and am surprised that he dared to try this cliff drop.
it might not have been the best idea contest-wise to choose this difficulty in his run, but for him personally it was a great idea for sure, seeing that progression is important.

Roman // pic by Tina Rettenwander
roman approaching the drop. pic by Tina Rettenwander

we meet in the target area, watch some more contestants and then start to hike back up to the summit station of gletscherjet 1.
we grab something to eat and relax for a while, then we decide to go ride a bit until the price giving ceremony.
at 2pm, we come back to the langwiedboden and wait for the ceremony to begin.
what can i say, after hearing “Aus Österreich” i somehow already know that my name will be mentioned for place 3.
i was super super happy with the result! i’m still stoked 🙂
snowboard women podium, pic by mia*


results x-over ride





march 24th, 2013:

Foto 2-2

we go to the kitzsteinhorn again and watch the 3start freeride world tour qualifier event for about an hour. we see the awesomely crazy run of Flo Orley and enjoy the sunshine.

then we go up to the kristallbahn and from there, proceed to the starting point of our route of the day, the ride down to niedernsill.
we already know the route, but previously have always started from the lakarscharte.
the ride is wonderful, we find very good conditions in the middle section, the rest is okay. we arrive at the valley and walk to the train station from there.
we are lucky and the train arrives within a few minutes, then we have to wait about 20 minutes for the bus to take us back to the kitzsteinhorn parking lot.

in the evening, we go to the tauern spa and let our muscles rest.

march 25th, 2013:

we ride the niedernsill route once again, this time, the snow is not as good anymore, but still enjoyable.

Foto 3-2

then we jump into the car, go to salzburg and meet up with my sister for a snack. afterwards it’s back to vienna for us. the trip is over, we made it home safe and are stoked on this nice short vacation.

next up:

longboard classic 2013 in stuben am arlberg on the 13th of april!
i’m so so looking forward to that, i bet it will be great fun!

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Open Faces Hochkönig (1* FWQ Contest) & ISPO

from january 24th until 27th, Roman and i stayed in maria alm for the Open Faces freeride contest at the aberg in the hochkönig region.
we went freeriding on the 24th, did some nice runs down from langeck & had a very nice day there. on the 25th, we visited the kitzsteinhorn, where we met up with mr. totz. too bad that it was pretty foggy, but we still had a great ride down to niedernsill.

in the evening of the 25th, we checked out the start list for the contest and i got supernervous, as i read that i had scored bib number one, meaning that i will be the first person to start. early on the 26th we got up & got ready for the contest. we checked in at the aberg valley station, got our bibs & went up to the middle station. there, we listened to the explanation of the contest rules and then were allowed to examine the contest face. it was really hard for me to think of a line that i could possibly ride, so i decided to just go to the start and take it from there… wherever i may go along.
it was a bit tricky to get to the start and after a short wait, it was my turn to ride already. i immediately messed up & fell 2 times. i managed to ride the bottom part of the face without much problems, which was good, but overall, i was highly disappointed with myself. i came in 2nd.

it was a very good experience for me and i guess i have already learned a lot from it. i have gotten to know new people and next time, i’ll try to do better.
here’s a pic from the price giving ceremony, on the left is Jenny Farrah.

Open Faces Hochkoenig

i have already signed up for the next contest, the X OVER RIDE at the kitzsteinhorn on the 22nd of march.
the contest face for this 1* freeride world tour qualifier event can be seen in this picture, it’s the light violet area on the left hand side. i’ll keep you updated about the contest.

x-over ride kitzsteinhorn



yesterday, i’ve been to the ISPO for the first time, thanks to the invitation of PIEPS. it was overwhelming! of course we were not able to see all booths & products in one day, but we gave our best. we saw lots of interesting new products and talked to many people, including Jeremy Jones, snowboarding icon and founder of Jones Snowboards.

if i get invited to next years ISPO, i will make up a plan prior to going there. i feel that i might have missed out on a few opportunities to meet people (for example at the Women in Boardsports lunch) and that it would be better to focus more on single products instead of trying to see it all. but hey, i was an ISPO newbie and i survived! 😉