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PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting 2015


representin 😉

it has certainly become a nice tradition that the PIEPS Freeride Team meets up every year at the stubai glacier at the beginning of the winter season.

on the 27th of october, a foggy day, it was time for this years meetup. everyone arrived at the valley station mutterberg early in the morning. this year, we were even more people than before, because in 2015, PIEPS has built up the PIEPS Experts Team, consisting of experienced mountain guides and alpine professionals, who also took part in the meeting together with us freeriders.
greetings were exchanged, stories of the past summer were told and new connections were made. then it was time to enter the gondolas for the ride uphill.


meeting up at the gondola

we spent the day near the top station gamsgarten, where the PIEPS crew instructed us at five different knowledge stations on avalanche rescue techniques and showed us their products in detail, like the PIEPS DSP Pro Ice (which is basically the PIEPS DSP Pro with a different, more stylish look) and the improved PIEPS Jetforce backpack.


the PIEPS Jetforce backpack demonstration

not only were we able to refresh our knowledge, we also could do a comparison of the functionality of avalanche beacons from different companies. this is especially important for the ones among us who work as guides and need to have an excellent knowledge of various beacons that guests might bring with them.

the PIEPS Freeride Team meeting ended traditionally with cake, coffee and chatting at the Alpenhotel Fernau.


it was a very informative day, with lots of friendly encounters and laughter.

i’m very happy to be supported by one of the best avalanche rescue equipment producers worldwide. i have to say, i’ve been a fan of PIEPS products since i started freeriding and splitboard touring, and in my personal opinion, they make the best products available. i also have used PIEPS products before i got the chance to be a part of their team, because i truly believe in their reliability and usability.

i want to thank PIEPS for their ongoing support and the big effort they put into the PIEPS Team Meeting year after year!


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kicking off the winter season


on saturday, roman and me packed our bags and headed west, as roman had a gig at the winter opening in wagrain. when we arrived there, all the slopes were still green. a few hours later, a soft but constant snowfall set in, which continued over the weekend.

roman mixed the opening act (lemo, go check them out) and we all enjoyed a nice evening together.

as we had already checked the weather forecast and webcams of the region beforehand, we were prepared to travel further west on sunday to find some freshies.

after breakfast, we jumped into the car and off we went to tyrol. at first we were a bit undecisive about where to go, our options were hintertux, stubai or sölden. in the end, we decided to go to the stubai glacier.
we were expecting to do warm up runs on the slopes, with nearly no snow offpiste.
luckily, we were wrong.
when we arrived, we immediately bought tickets and took the gondola upwards.
we were welcomed by enough snow to do our first turns of the season.
it still snowed lightly, with the most perfect snowflakes i have ever seen.

in the evening, it was time for pizza and sauna.


on monday, enough snow had accumulated to ride offpiste without collecting coreshots. i lost track of the number of runs we did, but it was a whole lot.
we rode until our legs were properly done and the lifts closed.

tuesday came around the corner and we dragged our exhausted bodies onto the glacier once more.
at first, the weather seemed to turn out a little better than during the last days, providing us with better vision, but in the afternoon, it was time for the total whiteout.
i may need to get a better goggle glass 😉

we quit at 3pm, gave our tickets back (boohoo :/) and then hit the motorway.




next up – splitboard touring in lower austria on the weekend. hopefully.

in january it’s time for the motherland anniversary camp and after that, the contest season will be in full swing.
i’m looking forward to the competitions, meeting fellow contestants again, improving my riding and collecting points.
also a highlight this winter – the kripp girls camp with melissa presslaber.

i’m ready!


let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting 2014

PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting Stubai

the PIEPS Freeride Team came together on the 31st of october for the annual meeting on Stubai Glacier in best weather conditions – sunshine and comfortable temperatures greeted all athletes as well as Gregor Krenn and Stephan Skrobar, representing PIEPS.

Gregor Krenn showed off product news, like the software updates for the PIEPS DSP Pro and PIEPS DSP Sport, as well as the final version of the PIEPS Jetforce Airbag Backpack.


The biggest changes in the software include:


• Check Mode – after turning the device on to send mode, you have the possibility to enter the transceiver Check Mode, which will enable you to easily check the devices of your group for functionality and if the frequencies are in the normed range.

PIEPS DSP Pro only:

Auto-Revert Search-to-Send – when you are in search mode and don’t move for 30 seconds, the device will start a visual countdown accompanied by an audio signal. after another 30 seconds, the switch back to send mode will occur, and a continuos audio signal will let the user know that their device is now back in send mode. although it is recommended to keep this function disabled and carry a PIEPS Backup instead, as this is the safest setup in case of a follow-up avalanche (the device might get ripped out of your hands in this case), it is still an improvement in safety.


Always keep your software up to date! To find out your current software version, just switch on your device and the software version number will be shown on screen.
All PIEPS Dealers are able to update the software version of your device, click here to find the one nearest to you!


PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting Stubai, Jetforce Demo

PIEPS Jetforce Demo

The PIEPS Jetforce is now ready for sale and has already won 2 important industry awards – the Fast Forward Award 2014 and the ISPO Award Gold 2014.
It will come in 2 different versions, the Tour Pro with 34 liters and the Tour Rider holding 24 liters.

The advantages of a PIEPS Jetforce over other systems are:

• continuos inflation of the Airbags during 3 minutes, ensuring an inflated Airbag even in the case of small tears in the material. after this period of time the Airbag will be automatically deflated, leaving a big hollow space filled with air in the snow.

• after an inflation, the Airbag can easily be repacked and is immediately ready for another deploy.

• the PIEPS Jetforce can be taken abord all planes, no permission is required.

• the battery of the PIEPS Jetforce can be reloaded easily at home and lasts at least for 4 deploys.


We also refreshed our avalanche rescue skills, working in groups on the different phases of searching for a buried avalanche transceiver.
Afterwards, we indulged in coffee, tea and cakes & ended our day chatting away in the sunshine.

It was a great day, thanks to PIEPS for having us!


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PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting 2013, Stubai Glacier


PIEPS freeride team meeting – leiwandized.


on the 31st of october, Roman picked me up at my office in the early afternoon to go the PIEPS freeride team meeting in Neustift im Stubaital. we spent some hours on the autobahn and arrived at the hotel at about 7pm, when Lorraine Huber had just started her presentation about freeriding with guests at a camp.

we quietly sat down to listen to the rest of the speech.

after that, it was time for dinner and a relaxed get-together.

it was nice to meet the team again. everyone went to bed quite early to be in shape for the next day.

in the morning, we had breakfast together and then drove up to the stubai glacier. we took the gondola to the top and started the workshop at about 10am next to the moreboards stubai zoo funpark.


a nice goodie – the PIEPS vacuum flask.


the workshop began with a showcase of the new avalanche rescue backpack by black diamond and PIEPS, called jetforce.

the pack itself is produced by black diamond, whereas the electronics are manufactured by the skilled people at PIEPS.

its concept is different from other airbag systems, as the bag is filled with air by a powerful fan. it takes only a few seconds until the bag is fully inflated and the fan keeps going for some time to ensure that the bag stays filled even if damaged.


Stephan Skrobar deflating the jetforce pack.


after a few minutes, the fan stops and the bag deflates, freeing 200 liters of extra space, creating more potential airspace for breathing.

with the fan system, repacking the bag after a deployment is easy. it’s possible to do training deployments hassle-free, just stuff the bag back into the pack, close the zipper and you’re good to go again. taking the bag onto planes is no problem as well.

these are the biggest advantages over other airbag systems in my opinion. for a full review, check out


after checking out the jetforce pack, we moved on to testing our avalanche rescue skills and spent quite some time searching and probing for buried transceivers, all in best weather.

during a break, we could watch the freestylers in the park. later, when we waited in the lift line to go down to the valley again, we noticed a familiar face – Halldór Helgason. we immediately stopped wondering about the crazy tricks we had seen in the park 😉


in the evening, the PIEPS freeride team enjoyed coffee and cake at the hotel, afterwards it was time to say goodbye – much too soon!

i really hope to meet my team mates in the mountains this winter as often as possible!


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PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting, Stubaier Gletscher, 01.11.2012

you may remember that we attended the motherland camp by Die Bergstation (read my posting about that here) at the Tauplitz in Upper Austria in january. besides enjoying 3 days of riding insane amounts of fresh powder, we got to know a couple of very nice people there too, for example Stephan Skrobar – professional skier (Fischer Freeride Team, skiguide), Die Bergstation guide and overall funny dude.

in summer, i got an unexpected call from Stephan. he told me about some interesting new developments that have taken place – PIEPS, the market leader in avalanche rescue equipment, was thinking about starting up a freeride team. Stephan was now looking for riders for that team, which was the reason why he called me – he asked me if i’d be interested in being a part of the PIEPS freeride team. since i am convinced that the PIEPS DSP is the best avalanche beacon around, i said yes immediately.

preparing my snowboarding stuff for the first time this year felt goooooooood.

fast forward to november 1st: at 9 am we met up at the valley station of the Gondelbahn Eisgrat, at the Stubaier Gletscher. i got introduced to everyone and was a bit blown away by all the names that i heard there – many of them i had heard before, as they belonged to pro skiers & snowboarders who were competing in the freeride world tour and/or filming every season, for example Liz Kristoferitsch, Lorraine Huber, Martin McFly Winkler or Björn Heregger.
but there was no time for being starstruck 😉 off to the gondola & up the mountain we went.

we met next to the funpark and Gregor Krenn from PIEPS started the instruction. we learned about how avalanche beacons work, why sometimes the results are better than in other situations and what products PIEPS has to offer. we tested the distance until we received the first signal from a beacon in different positions and talked about strategies in avalanche rescue. we got the chance to try for example the brand new PIEPS iProbe – a great tool to find avalanche victims much faster, which i will happily include in my equipment.

PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting

time flew by and suddenly it was time to leave the glacier again. after a fun ride down, we met at the Alpenhotel Fernau in Neustift.
we continued the training there and also talked about the future of the PIEPS freeride team. then it was time to say goodbye again…

Roman helped me apply the PIEPS freeride team sticker to my splitboard.

i am really stoked to be part of the PIEPS freeride team, together with all these awesome people. i’m looking forward to the upcoming season.

my plan is to compete in the Open Faces Freeride Series, at least at the X-Over Ride tourstopp at the Kitzsteinhorn, but hopefully also at one other event.
other than that, i wish to ride as much as possible, to go splitboarding a lot & have a funny season with my riding buddies, without any injuries.
i want to improve a lot and experience new things.

have a good season!