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camping & riding in summer 2013.

woooooooooooo! riding the fastest snail at jetlake.

last week, roman and myself went on a trip with the goal to ride (wakeboard, wakesurf, riversurf) as much as possible, and i can proudly say that we achieved that goal.

we started on monday and drove straight to jetlake, a lake with a wakeboard cable in feldkirchen an der donau in upper austria. we arrived and were very happy to see that only a few people were there – totally different to the situation that we have on most days at the wakeboard cable in vienna.

we bought tickets and enjoyed ourselves on the lake for some time.

after that, we went over to the camp site (very recommendable, a small & sweet camp site without any hectic), checked in and set up our temporary home there. we had dinner, a radler and went to bed.

on the next day, we decided to go grocery shopping per pedes, which meant covering a distance of 3 kilometers each way. we put our backpacks on and off we went.


when we came back, we had a short break and then continued our walk to the wakeboard cable (2 km from the camp site). we rode the park some more & afterwards it was time to go home & cook dinner again. and have a radler again.


day three consisted of wakeboarding once more. in the evening, we went for a delicious pizza in aschach (pizzeria la mamma). after our bellies were full, we did some sight-seeing 😉

IMG_4985 IMG_4987
if you dont know how to use the apostrophe correctly, dont use it at all, a wise woman once said.

on day four, we left the camp site and went to fetzysworld in steyregg. we had signed up for a wakesurfing session and had a great time there. we both were able to let go of the rope and find the sweet spot to ride the wave. it’s really a learning process. you have to find the spot, where the wave keeps pushing you forward, and then stay there, which means, some times you will have to go faster and some times you will have to slow down a little. i was even able to do some little curves and still stay in the wave for some time, it went a lot better than last year.

wakesurfing fetzysworld 2013 from Stephanie Posch on Vimeo.

after wakesurfing, we continued our trip towards salzburg. on our quest to find a board for riversurfing, we contacted Max from NU.ART surfstuff, who was kind enough to lend an old board of his to two complete strangers for some days. we visited him in ebensee & loaded the board into our car.

wein. the well-known capital of austria.

day five started after a night on a “beautiful” camp site in salzburg. actually, the camp site itself IS located in a beautiful place, but the sanitary building was dirty and old. me no likey!

we switched to another camp site and then went to the almwelle, a stationary wave in the almkanal. we surfed for a while until i sadly crushed my toe (which might have been broken a few weeks ago, i don’t know for sure, i smashed it against SOMEBODY’s suitcase and it went all purple for some days) against the rocky bottom of the river. roman continued to surf, i decided to take a break and enjoy the sunshine and the atmosphere.

life inside our camper van

on day six, we went to a diving shop where i bought neoprene booties. we also acquired a roll of medical tape. roman taped my toes together, i put the neoprene booties on and was ready for some more riversurfing attempts.

riversurfing almwelle 2013 from Stephanie Posch on Vimeo.

it’s a very enjoyable past-time, but a bit intimidating at the same time. i wish we had a riversurfing spot in vienna or st. pölten too, so i could go more often.

and since roman and myself are complete idiots, we decided to buy our own riversurf board. max will order the BIC 5’10 fish hype for us.

buying a board when you don’t have a spot to ride it seems pretty intelligent, right? but of course we are going to use it for practising paddling on our local lakes & rivers as well. and maybe we can use it for wakesurfing also?

on day seven, we wanted to go riversurfing once more, but i felt a little ill, probably had caught a sunstroke the day before, so we decided to let it be and go home.

we returned the surf board to max and then hit the road.

the famous almwelle.


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Hochkönig & gnArlberg pre-XMAS-fun

on december 18th, Roman and i went to Maria Alm in the lovely Hochkönig region to visit the Urslauerhof and check out the contest face for the Open Faces contest on the 26th of January (and yes, this means that we have officially registered for our first freeride contest. woop woop!).

we were lucky, as we got fresh snow and we were nearly alone in the resort for 2 days. on the first day, the weather was rather foggy, but we still had fun exploring the ski-routes, finding a bit of nice powder here and there.
on the 20th, we went on a splitboard tour up to the Klingspitz, were i took this lovely picture. it was a wonderful tour, a very good warm up for the season, with great weather and a gorgeous view, as well as an awesome ride down.

Klingspitz, Salzburg

we decided spontaneously not to go home, but to go to the Arlberg instead, which turned out to be a great idea! we found an affordable room in St. Jakob and tried to explore the huuuuuge resort in 3 days.
on the first day, several centimeters of fresh snow greeted us and in the gondola we met freeride professionals Björn Heregger and Stefan Häusl. we did some great runs in St. Anton near the Galzig Bahn, then switched to Rendl for the afternoon. in between, i decided that i NEED other bindings (you may remember that i whined about my old Burton Escapades in the last posting) and luckily found a decent snowboardshop (SUPA – surfers paradise), where i bought a pair of Ride LXH bindings. since i already have Ride VXNs and really like them, it seemed like a good idea to get another pair of bindings by ride.
so far, i am really content with the performance of the LXHs!

on the second day, we went to Zürs and had a lot of fun there, although the conditions already began to get worse. it was rather warm, so the snow turned wet and heavy. on the third day, we went to Sonnenkopf. the sun was shining, but since we’ve been so spoiled by the glorious first day, we couldn’t really enjoy our last day.

to make matters worse, i accidentally slammed the bar of the chair lift against Roman’s teeth once and managed to damage his front teeth…. boooh 😦

still, we had a great, great time and have been able to catch a glimpse of the gloriousness of the Arlberg region. it was actually pretty funny to notice that there were more people wearing airbag backpacks than normal backpacks… it felt strange not to have an airbag as well.
on a side note: i originally intended to take my newly purchased airbag backpack (saved my money for about 6 months for it!) with me on this trip, but due to an error during parcel delivery, it arrived about 2 hours after i had left for Maria Alm. duh!
but still, it’s a very nice pack and i can’t wait to try it (not the airbag part of it, of course). here’s what i ordered:

ABS Vario Base Unit Small
Carbon Cartridge
Dakine Altitude 25L
ABS Vario Base Unit S, Carbon Cartridge, Dakine Altitude 25l Size small

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holidays and other fun things

we’ve been on holidays in august, 2 weeks were spent camping, wakeboarding, hiking and enjoying life in general. here’s my report!

our first stop was in upper austria in linz. we went wakeboarding at the ausee, at the jetlake and visited fetzy at his private wakeboard lake. i survived my first backroll attempts there 😉


camping linz.

camping linz.

after that, we paid a visit to salzburg. first, we checked out salzburg city, where we were able to stay at my sisters flat. we did some sight seeing, cycled around town and gave downhill mountainbiking a shot. the chosen track was definitely too hard & scary for me, but i enjoyed trying something new. if i had the time & money, i could absolutely see myself riding mtb aswell.
on our last day, we went to see the almwelle. this is a riversurfing spot in salzburg. since we don’t own a riversurf board, we thought why not try it with a wakeskate? funnily, it worked out and we were both able to ride a little bit. what a great, fun sport! i wish we had a riversurf spot in vienna aswell!


mtb test
mountainbiking. i was scared and didn’t dare to ride down the course. later on, my sister informed me that 5 years ago she didn’t dare to ride the track aswell and that it’s not suitable for beginners… 😉
good that i didn’t fall in love with it, i can’t afford picking up a new hobby… and mountainbikes are fucking expensive aswell.

riversurfing in salzburg! (that’s someone else on the picture) it was fun! i never thought we’d be able to ride this with a wakeskate (which is too short and doesn’t have enough volume at all to surf), but we did it. yeah, haha! (check out the funny dog on the right!)

board repair
repairing my wakeboard at my sisters flat… surprisingly, it held up and it’s still okay 🙂

after a few days it was time to leave the city again. off to zell am see we went. we’ve been there a lot of times already and everytime again we are overwhelmed with how beautiful this place is.
we found a GREAT camping site (it was so luxurious they even had music blasting in the bathrooms ;)) with a small lake and were able to enjoy our stay there a lot. we went hiking twice, altough it was super hot. the highlight was the wasserfall weg (waterfall hike) at the grossglockner hochalpenstrasse. dreiwallnerhoehe (= maiskogel) was very nice aswell, the view was great, but all in all not as superb as the waterfall.

we went hiking on the wasserfallweg near the grossglockner. summer heat & waterfall = good idea!

the waterfall

underneath the waterfall



pointing random shit out.


fed goats in the valley after the hike ❤

that’s the kitzsteinhorn.

on the next day, we hiked up to the dreiwallnerhoehe. it was too fucking hot, so we decided to ditch walking to the valley and took the gondola instead.

our final destination was germany. while the scenery was not able to hold up against sweet salzburg, the wakeboard park was A-MA-ZING!
they have 2 cables there, one runs clockwise, the other one counter-clockwise. it was a funny feeling to ride a clockwise turning cable.
both cables offer various obstacles, so we could widen our obstacle experience a bit.

turncable. thannhausen, germany. a one of a kind wakeboard park.

the second camping we stayed at in germany. the first one was pure shit. this one here was great! really beautiful.

sunset at the lake at the camping 🙂 i mean… awww!

roman cooking our last camping dinner.

turncable once again on our last day.



after those great days, we went back home.
luckily, we are still able to enjoy some sweet late summer days, for example 3 weeks ago, when we went longboarding in lower austria:

longboarding lower austria, 2012

i hope autumn will offer good weather for various outdoor activities. i plan to go longboarding as much as possible, go hiking a lot, maybe also climbing outdoors, because i want to be in the best shape ever for the upcoming winter. we have lots of plans already and can’t wait for winter.

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hiking and riding in salzburg

from january the 27th until the 29th, we moved into a flat in hüttschlag near grossarl in salzburg together with my sister anita. while she went cross country skiing to build up her stamina for her upcoming mountainbike races, roman and me did a tour each day.

on the 27th, we started off with the karlkogel. the weather was overcast but okay and we started the ascent in hüttschlag. it took us about 3 hours to get to the summit. we started the descent through a rather steep field with delicious powder, then we reached a bowl where we sadly took a wrong turn. we missed the wonderful route down to the valley and had to follow the ascent track back down instead. but nevertheless i was proud that i had mastered  my first tour with more than 1000 meters altitude difference.



on january 28th, the frauenkogel was our destination. the higher we got, the more we could peek through the clouds. underneath the summit, the snow had been blown away partly, leaving a hard, icy snow pack for us to hike on. i was a bit tired already when we got there, and so the short climb up to the summit meant a challenge for me. thankfully, roman helped me and carried my snowboard for me, i was anxious to say the least. stupid fear of heights 😉
when i finally stood atop the frauenkogel, i was glad that i had made it.



january 29th was our last day, so we had to pack up our stuff in the morning before heading to the penkkopf.
i have to say, this was the best tour during these 3 days. the weather was perfect, sunny and not too cold, the surroundings were astounding and the mountain was not crowded at all.
the route went through sparse forest terrain, with the snow sparkling in the sun. when we stood atop the mountain, we had the chance to have a proper break, re-assemble our equipment, change our clothes and eat a snack. i also left a note in the summit book.
the descent was simply wonderful with lots of untouched powder underneath our boards. we were gliding and floating, as if the snow was cotton candy.

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freeride experience zell am see, 03.03.2011 – 06.03.2011

on thursday, the 3rd of march 2011, we drove to zell am see in salzburg to attend a freeride experience weekend there.
we arrived in the afternoon, checked into our room in thumersbach (right across the zeller lake) and then visited zell am see. we went to see the la resistance shop and randomly ran into sepp, who we know from wakeboarding, there. he spent his winter season in zell am see and works at the la resistance shop. we chatted for a while and then left to get something to eat.
afterwards, at 8pm, we met up with the other group members in the lohninghof, right next to our hotel room.
we were quite suprised at how big the group was. the guides bengt and gerry went from table to table to talk to everyone and see if anyone was missing. they also told us about the plans for the next days and when we would start on friday.

so, friday, 8:30 am it was. we met up in front of the lohninghof, jumped into the vw busses that were our taxis and went to a sports shop in zell am see. the skiers received their rental equipment there, aswell as avalanche beacons, shovels and probes.
at about 10 am we arrived in saalbach hinterglemm. the sun was shining and everyone was looking forward to the first day of freeriding. we got split into 3 groups with 7 to 8 people. our guide was gerry.
we started with some runs next to the slopes to warm up.
afterwards, we hiked up to the peak next to the chairlift. this took us about 30 minutes, then we had a short break at the peak. we proceeded to ride down from the peak.
next up was another short hike. this time, we didn’t hike up to a peak, we just crossed over for a bit and then did an awesome run down to lengau.
the snow was a bit wet and heavy, but still it was way better than expected!
when we arrived down in the valley, we had to push out to the next village for about 5 kilometers. we were all pretty exhausted after that, so we decided to take it slow and have a drink and something to eat.
after that, we went back to zell am see (thumersbach). in the evening, we met up in the lohninghof for dinner. i had wonderful spinach dumplings… nomnomnom!

freeride experience 2011
first lines. well, OUR first lines 😉 everything was rather tracked already!

, 8:30 am. we met up in front of the lohninghof and went to the kitzsteinhorn.
i was expecting to find a bit more fresh powder there, i have to admit. i was a bit sad to see that all the freeride routes (they have 5 which are avalanche safe) already had been ridden a lot.
but no need to worry! gerry knew where we had to go to find fresh pow. we hiked a bit and then – booooom – there it was! a wonderful ride down from the kitzsteinhorn to niedernsill, lots of untracked, cold snow… it couldn’t have been any better!

freeride experience 2011

freeride experience 2011

on sunday, we went to saalbach-hinterglemm again.
we went up with the zwöflerkogel gondola again. then we also took the seekar t-bar to the top, just like on friday.
this time though, we didn’t just hike a short bit, we hiked about an hour to reach another peak. the skiers put on their skins, roman and me simply walked (without snowshoes, there was no real need for them).
we were lucky and found a bit of powder on our run down to lengau again.

freeride experience 2011

all in all, it was a great experience. we didn’t expect to find any powder at all, due to the enormous lack of snow this winter, but thanks to our guide the 3 days went totally different than we had feared 😉

more pictures can be found here
a video is still in the works!