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wonderful wednesday: riesneralm – kleines bärneck – gstemmerscharte – hintere mörsbachalm – donnersbachwald.

today, we went to the riesneralm, took the chairlifts up to the top and then descended towards the hintere mörsbachalm. then we started our ascent up to the kleines bärneck. from there, we rode down to the mössnakar. after arriving in this valley, we put our skins onto our splitboards again and hiked up to the gstemmerscharte, which allowed us to pass to the hintere mörsbachalm again. we followed the path to donnersbachwald and walked back to our car by foot.

view from the top of the kleines bärneck.

before the second descent.

the second descent.



tauplitz – spür die freude!

from january the 5th until the 8th we participated in the “MOTHERLAND CAMP” by Die Bergstation.

here’s a short write-up of the events during these days…

5th jan

drove to tauplitz and checked into our room. had a nervous breakdown because it was really old and not clean at all.

6th jan

after eating breakfast from dirty dishes, decided to check out again and find another place to stay.
met up at 9am at the parking lot in bad mitterndorf with the guides from die bergstation and the rest of the people. everyone introduced themselves, then we got split up in groups.

since the tauplitz was closed due to the bad weather, we proceeded to the riesneralm, where we encountered lots of snow, even more snowfall during the day but also lots of wind. lu shows us a couple of nice runs nevertheless.

afterwards, we practise searching for an avalanche victim with our beacons.

in the evening, everyone met up at the “spring in” in bad mitterndorf to have a drink. i finally managed to find another room, at the hotel sonnenuhr.

our search for food was not that successful, in one place the kitchen was closed already, in another place it was impossible to get a vegetarian pizza except for a quattro stagioni. the unfriendly waiter made the decision easy for us, we ditched dinner and went to bed hungry.

7th jan

waking up to water damage in our room. the hose going into the toilet tank decided that it was time to break, so we had the great opportunity to take a shower & a dump at the same time. wohoo!

when we got to our car, we had to notice that the snowplough had efficiently shoveled all the excess snow from the street around our car, so we had to shovel it out… while we were doing so, one of the tauplitz staff members comes over and goes apeshit on us, asking why we parked there etc etc… well, our host at the hotel had advised us to do so, because it was not possible to drive up the hill to the other parking lot anymore.
a little bit later, the angry guy comes over to us again and helps us get out the car of the hard-packed snow. so thanks for that! 😉
we ride tauplitz all day long, during the morning we even get to enjoy pretty nice weather – the only precipitation break during the 3 camp days.

we started off with a lovely run over a ridge from the lawinenstein chairlift, passing rather steep terrain and then entering a sparse forest with wonderful powder.
afterwards we did some runs next to the mitterstein gondola.

in the evening, our bathroom in the hotel was functional again. fully functional? well, not really. the hose was sealed again, but it was bent too much, so no water was coming through. argh!

we decide that it’s time for some relaxation, so we pack our bags and head for the thermal spring. afterwards we pick up pizza.

8th jan

we rode the runs next to the gondola all day long. i tried steph‘s jones hovercraft – what an amazing board! i wish i could afford one!

in the evening, it was time to say goodbye to everyone and drive home with a big grin on our faces.

a big THANK YOU to Die Bergstation and all the riders!


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