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relaxing with a view!

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go with the flow!

relaxing with a view!

relaxing with a view!

let me get this straight – i love winter sports. i love splitboard touring, i love snowboarding, i love cross country skiing, i love going for a walk in a wintery wonderland. last winter, i was very frustrated by the weather. we had had only a few powder days here in eastern austria, and it didn’t look much better in western austria. i was in a bad mood, constantly waiting for this one big dump that i had hoped for since the season before. but it never came.
we enjoyed some really great days in the mountains, but it just didn’t feel like a proper winter.

about 10 years ago, we would get lots of snow, even in the flat lands of eastern austria. when you were unlucky, you had to shovel yourself a passage through a snow windlip on the street to my parents’ village to get through by car. in the morning, you’d find your car hidden underneath some 30 centimeters of freshies and dug in even more by the snowplough. you could often go cross country skiing on the fields nearby, you could bobsleigh down hills, you could go skiing or snowboarding on the mountains close-by.

these times seem to be long gone. and so far, it doesn’t seem like they will come back this winter season.
i have gotten in one splitboard tour in lower austria in november and since then, nearly all the snow has melted and temperatures have risen again.

having a break in the sun.

having a break in the sun.

the big difference to last winter is my personal stance on the weather. i have decided not to get upset about the lack of snow and warm temperatures anymore.
i will do whatever i can to minimize my own negative impact on the climate, like reducing the waste i produce, reusing or repairing stuff before buying new things, eating a plant based diet and using my bike or my feet as means of transportation as often as possible.
i often pick up trash that i find washed upon a beach or lying around in nature. 3 days ago i found an empty bottle of vodka in a forest. i collected it and carried it with me until i reached the next trash can.
i will continue to do things like that because i truly believe that everyone of us can make a positive impact on the environment.
but still – i can’t change the weather, i can’t make it snow and i can’t reduce the temperature.
it is of no use to be upset because of the weather.
i have decided to adapt to the current situation, go with the flow and make the best of it!

for me, this means not driving hundreds of kilometers to the next glacier to be able to snowboard. i’d rather stick to the options i have in my nearer surroundings and embrace the beauty and fun that can be found here.
while i won’t be able to work on my snowboarding technique this way, i still can continue to build up stamina, balance and muscle power to help my body perform even better (and by the way, this year i have finally acknowledged that my body is already capable of so much awesome stuff, i’m really grateful for that!).

a fiery sunrise.

a fiery sunrise.


two weeks ago on sunday, i decided to flee from the ongoing fog that has been plaguing the valleys and flat land for the last week. i hopped into the car, drove for 30 minutes and then started a short hike. although i was tired and it was cold and foggy at the parking lot, i soon saw the first rays of sunshine and enjoyed a wonderful hike! it was warm and the birds sang a lovely song.

last weekend, roman and i finally had the chance to go on hikes together again!
on saturday, we conquered the paulmauer and on sunday, we summited the göller, both mountains in lower austria. the first one being more of a little hill, the second can be called a decent mountain already 😉

here are some pictures…


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an ode to the great outdoors.


today i went on a little solo hiking mission on my beloved muckenkogel. the muckenkogel is a mellow mountain in lower austria, just a 30 minute drive from my home, which offers 4 different routes to the summit from one starting point and a few more from other points in the valley. the muckenkogel is only a bit over 1200 meters high, still you will have to master 900 meters altitude difference when you start your hike in the valley. all these facts make the muckenkogel a perfect mountain for me to work on my endurance. other than that, it’s also really beautiful there, thus i want to sing an ode to the great outdoors (not odors… post-hike odors are not ode-worthy in my book).

the summit of the muckenkogel in the upper middle of the picture.
hiking is not a badass activity. it’s not glamorous, neither is it very exciting. still, i get excited on a regular basis when i’m hiking and this emotional high is due to the wonderful feeling that being in nature gives me.
i love to take in the vibrant colors of the sky, the plants, the rocks, the animals. when i’m inside a coniferous forest and i inhale the wonderful smell of a warm forest floor covered by needles from the trees it feels like a short holiday for my brain. watching butterflies twirl around in the air delightens me. and discovering a lizard or a beautiful bird is natures version of a surprise egg to me.

these sensations, combined with the physical demand of walking uphill and downhill, make hiking one of my favourite past-time activities.

waterfall number 1 of 5.

and just so you know: science has just proven that being inside a forest is beneficial for our health (which we had already assumed before, hadn’t we? ;)). it reduces stress and the terpenes that plants emission to communicate with each other increase the power of our immune system.

we should all go for as much hikes as possible!



found a broken glass bottle in the forest and picked up the shattered pieces.
please don’t leave glass in the woods, it can cause a fire!



(the great odors)

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PowderGuide & Mammut Mountain Mastery 2012

in january, the german freeride website PowderGuide started a competition together with Mammut called “Mountain Mastery”. this competition was seperated into 3 levels, and ran from january until march. you had to find the resort with the best snow conditions in step 1 and plan & realize a skitour in steps 2 and 3.

so… to prevent this post from turning into the next “war and peace”, lengthwise: roman and me worked hard and won it!

the grand prize for the two winning teams consisted of Mammut outerwear and a 3-day freeride trip to a resort that we could choose ourselves. since the other team was from switzerland, we decided to meet somewhere in the middle – SÖLDEN – from march 21st until 23rd.

markus and knut

on the 19th, sölden got 30cms of fresh snow and on the 20th, we hopped into the car and after 6 refreshing hours, arrived in tyrol.
we met up with our guide Markus Brand from the Mammut Alpine School, Knut Pohl from PowderGuide and professional photographer Baschi Bender.
we also met our fellow winners, Marco and Cyrill.

early on the 21st, at 6:30 am, the alarm clock rang and after a nice breakfast we left the house. first we picked up our lift passes and then we took the gaislachkogelbahn to the top. the sun was blasting down all day long, causing spring conditions nearly everywhere, but we still were able to find a little bit of cold, delicious powder.
sadly, Knut wrecked his knee in the afternoon. “Hühnerkagge” was our guide’s word for everything bad. “Knut kaputt” was my word for Knut’s knee.

in the evening, we had dinner (YUM!) and our guide showed us a presentation about avalanche dangers. we also saw a few of the pictures Baschi took of us (a big thank you to you, it was an honor for us to have our pics taken by you!).

the next day, we had more “yippieya-yay” than “hühnerkagge”. we also didn’t experience the dreaded ski pole helicopter as often (our guide swung his ski pole around in circles like a chopper blade above his head whenever he wanted to give us a sign that we should pick up more speed)… this means, it was a pretty good day! we rode some awesome faces (btw, that’s the first time i’m using this word to describe a line i rode, and i’m doing so with confidence, because when i checked out our lines the next day from the opposite hill, they looked pretty advanced to me… yes, it was a good feeling! :))
we did a very steep couloir without any problems.

during our lunch break, tobi and marius joined us for the rest of the trip.
the last run of the day was a very long descent down to huben. getting out of the valley was a pain in the ass (always good to have skiers around in such cases ;)) but it was well worth the effort.
friday was checkout day already. we loaded our stuff into the cars and went to sölden. during the first run of the day, i noticed that i was completely knackered and decided to call it quits. i let the guys proceed alone and went down to the valley, where i spent the next half hour sleeping on a park bench… phew!another hour later, i got a call from roman, asking if i could pick him up in huben. there, we had to say goodbye to everyone again.
our runs

it was a wonderful time for us, with people who are just as enthusiastic about freeriding / skitouring as us, with whom we could put the pedal to the metal and from whom we can still learn a lot. we have benefited a lot from taking part in the Moutain Mastery, it took our planning and risk management skills to a whole new level!

thank you to everyone at PowderGuide and Mammut who made this possible! thanks to ourselves for sticking with it and keeping up the work for hours and hours.

the only thing that’s left to say – YIPPIEYA-YAY!

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