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powder days in vorarlberg

originally, we wanted to go to carinthia to shred the grossglockner. we had already planned a few splitboard tours and had a map ready at hand… but when we arrived in carinthia on the 28th of december, we had to notice that there was nearly no snow. there was snow on the slopes (a good part of it was probably artificial), but only very little on the rest of the terrain. since we had intended to not ride slopes at all, we decided to skip the grossglockner, hop back into the car and go to vorarlberg instead. and off we went!

5 hours, a trip through italy, endless phoning around trying to get a hotel and an almost nervous breakdown later, we arrived in vandans in the vorarlberger montafon.

we spent 5 days there. it dumped on 3 days. we were not able to splitboard on our own, because of the bad weather and avalanche situation and due to our unpreparedness, so we resorted to freeriding… which was not bad AT ALL 😉

freeriding in sack deep pow.

on the 31st of december, we booked a guide – edwin from montafon guides – who took us on a small tour. it was wonderful! knee deep powder all the way. it doesn’t really show in the pic, but it was epic.

hiking up

on the last day, we went to the bieler höhe, a wonderful spot and starting point of a lot of tours. we went for a hike around the lake, but decided to turn around after about an hour, due to the weather getting worse.

bieler höhe, nearing the white out.

it was definitely well worth the effort to go to vorarlberg and we’re already planning to go back soon!