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corona wakeboard cup 2012 @ the jetlake


on july 14th, i competed in the corona wakeboard cup at the jetlake in upper austria. the jetlake is a beautiful lake near linz, which features lots of obstacles, nice people and other attractions like beachvolleyball, trampoline, and lots more.

sadly, the weather was pretty bad. it was cool and rainy the whole day.

i arrived with my mother (my driver and coach for the day ;)) shortly before 8am. i took the chance to warm up and get used to the cable between 8 and 9 am.
afterwards it was time for the riders meeting, where the judges and organizers explained the rules and timetable of the day.

the qualifications started. in the open ladies class, everyone proceeded directly to the finals, because we were only 5 women. this was good, because it took away the stressful part of the qualification run.

the startlist for the first final run.

i really dislike waiting, i am an impatient person. the nearer the open ladies finals came, the more nervous i got. the good thing was
that as soon as i started from the dock, i felt relaxed and confident again.
i completed my first run successfully, landing an ollie tailgrab, a backside surface 360, a frontside ollie 180 aswell as a switch
frontside ollie 180 and an indy grab over the kicker.

i was content with my first run, so i decided that i could risk more in my second run.
i had never before tried to ride an obstacle other than a kicker, but my team mate rené rappl insisted that i should give the funbox a
try… and so i did. what can i say? i rode the damn thing and everything went well! 🙂
i landed everything in my second run.

i placed 5th. taking into consideration that i haven’t been riding for a long time and that we sadly don’t have any obstacles in vienna at my
homecable except for 2 kickers, i am very, very happy with my performance.

thanks to my team from AWC VIENNA!

now all i wanna do is ride obstacles! 😉



overall standings:

national currently 5th:


international currently 46th:


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my first wakeboard contest

on the 24th of july, roman and me were helping out a bit with the organization of the austrian wakeboard cup tourstop in vienna. in the morning, we brought some speakers, a mixing desk, etc and started to build up everything.
after a while, austrian wakeboarder astrid schabransky approached me and asked if i wanted to participate in the open women category, since only herself and another girl were going to compete…
i had not planned to compete, because i’ve only been riding for about a year and so far, my trick repertoire isn’t really big. i didn’t practise for the comp or anything… but still i thought that i should give it a shot and try my luck, just for fun and to see what a wakeboard competition feels like.

luckily, i was able to nail at least SOME of my tricks (in the qualification… in the finals, not so much ;)) and so i came in second – this came as a total surprise for me. thanks to the awc vienna for the awesome trophy and thanks to liquid force and corona for the nice goodies 😀
i had an awesome day, even though the weather was absolutely horrible (cold, windy, rainy – lots of waves on the water).

next week, i will be attending a wakeboard camp in upper austria. i’m hoping for the summer to return for at least that week, because i guess camping in the rain won’t be lots of fun. i want to try new things and maybe learn one or two new tricks… i can see myself competing in other wakeboarding contests in the future, but for now, it’s all just for fun and i still have loads to learn.