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PIEPS Freeride Team Meeting 2013, Stubai Glacier

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PIEPS freeride team meeting – leiwandized.


on the 31st of october, Roman picked me up at my office in the early afternoon to go the PIEPS freeride team meeting in Neustift im Stubaital. we spent some hours on the autobahn and arrived at the hotel at about 7pm, when Lorraine Huber had just started her presentation about freeriding with guests at a camp.

we quietly sat down to listen to the rest of the speech.

after that, it was time for dinner and a relaxed get-together.

it was nice to meet the team again. everyone went to bed quite early to be in shape for the next day.

in the morning, we had breakfast together and then drove up to the stubai glacier. we took the gondola to the top and started the workshop at about 10am next to the moreboards stubai zoo funpark.


a nice goodie – the PIEPS vacuum flask.


the workshop began with a showcase of the new avalanche rescue backpack by black diamond and PIEPS, called jetforce.

the pack itself is produced by black diamond, whereas the electronics are manufactured by the skilled people at PIEPS.

its concept is different from other airbag systems, as the bag is filled with air by a powerful fan. it takes only a few seconds until the bag is fully inflated and the fan keeps going for some time to ensure that the bag stays filled even if damaged.


Stephan Skrobar deflating the jetforce pack.


after a few minutes, the fan stops and the bag deflates, freeing 200 liters of extra space, creating more potential airspace for breathing.

with the fan system, repacking the bag after a deployment is easy. it’s possible to do training deployments hassle-free, just stuff the bag back into the pack, close the zipper and you’re good to go again. taking the bag onto planes is no problem as well.

these are the biggest advantages over other airbag systems in my opinion. for a full review, check out


after checking out the jetforce pack, we moved on to testing our avalanche rescue skills and spent quite some time searching and probing for buried transceivers, all in best weather.

during a break, we could watch the freestylers in the park. later, when we waited in the lift line to go down to the valley again, we noticed a familiar face – Halldór Helgason. we immediately stopped wondering about the crazy tricks we had seen in the park 😉


in the evening, the PIEPS freeride team enjoyed coffee and cake at the hotel, afterwards it was time to say goodbye – much too soon!

i really hope to meet my team mates in the mountains this winter as often as possible!



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