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Eastern Alps Steepness: Schneeberg

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on the 3rd of march, a small part of the “p.i.e. – powder in the east” group, guido, roman and myself, went to the schneeberg to ride one of the famous steep couloirs of the eastern alps. originally, we aimed for the “Breite Ries”, which is a wide couloir with a very steep entry (possible entries vary between 35° and 50°), but due to heavy winds the upper area was very hard and icy. we didn’t have ice axes with us, so we decided that it was wiser not to try our luck on this day.

the “Breite Ries” is the biiiig bowl a bit right of the center of the picture.


but first things first. we started our ascent on a glouriously sunny day by using the chairlift (which saves about 1 hour of hiking up the slope) and then continued our way up on the fadenweg. somehow we missed the beginning of the hoyosgraben, but found another nice way up the mountain. the higher we got, the windier it got. when we reached the plateau, the wind was blowing heavily. we walked to the beginning of the “Breite Ries” and inspected the entry. another group of skiers also checked out the descent but decided to choose another way down.


on our way up


we also turned away from the “Breite Ries” and continued our hike to the “Lahningries”. The “Lahning-Ries” is another steep face on the north-eastern side of the Schneeberg, with a slope angle of approximately 40°.
the snow there was not ideal, pretty hard mostly, but there where softer spots as well. the “Lahning-Ries” ends right next to the official slope, so we didn’t have to hike back, whereas the “Breite Ries” ends kinda in the middle of the mountain and if you’re not lucky, you will have to walk all the way back to your starting point.

the “Lahning-Ries”


a look back


although i was pretty tired already (maybe i shouldn’t do extensive workouts the day before hiking and riding :P), i made it down the steep face safely and was very happy afterwards.


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