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Quiver Update: rad-air Tanker 162

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well, guess what i received this week?!

rad-air tanker

rad-air teamrider Liz Kristoferitsch was kind enough to send me a 2012/2013 tanker (with 2011/2012 topsheet) in 162cm, as she is looking for feedback on the board from female riders, which i will happily provide.
the tanker features a slight rocker and flexibility in nose and tail to ensure good pop while still maintaining stability. the inserts for the bindings are positioned to enable a setback stance.

yesterday i mounted the bindings (oh, i hate my old burton escapades with a passion! i need to get rid of these bindings and get another pair of ride vxn’s or something alike, but for now, this was the only set of bindings i had at hand) and today was my first day ever on a tanker. i only had the chance to ride it on the slopes, with about 30cm of very wet, heavy snow.
i have to say that it was quite a difference to ride a board with a setback (i’ve been riding twintip boards with centered bindings for years now), which i noticed both when riding and ollie-ing. it was surprisingly easy to butter the board.
i noticed that the board stayed afloat the wet snow pretty good, much better than my other boards (k2 vavavoom 148, k2 panoramic 152) would have.

i’m really looking forward to riding this board in deeper snow, i’m expecting it to perform very well there. i’m also interested in seeing how the tanker will hold up during runs with higher speed.



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