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hiking and riding in salzburg

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from january the 27th until the 29th, we moved into a flat in hüttschlag near grossarl in salzburg together with my sister anita. while she went cross country skiing to build up her stamina for her upcoming mountainbike races, roman and me did a tour each day.

on the 27th, we started off with the karlkogel. the weather was overcast but okay and we started the ascent in hüttschlag. it took us about 3 hours to get to the summit. we started the descent through a rather steep field with delicious powder, then we reached a bowl where we sadly took a wrong turn. we missed the wonderful route down to the valley and had to follow the ascent track back down instead. but nevertheless i was proud that i had mastered  my first tour with more than 1000 meters altitude difference.



on january 28th, the frauenkogel was our destination. the higher we got, the more we could peek through the clouds. underneath the summit, the snow had been blown away partly, leaving a hard, icy snow pack for us to hike on. i was a bit tired already when we got there, and so the short climb up to the summit meant a challenge for me. thankfully, roman helped me and carried my snowboard for me, i was anxious to say the least. stupid fear of heights 😉
when i finally stood atop the frauenkogel, i was glad that i had made it.



january 29th was our last day, so we had to pack up our stuff in the morning before heading to the penkkopf.
i have to say, this was the best tour during these 3 days. the weather was perfect, sunny and not too cold, the surroundings were astounding and the mountain was not crowded at all.
the route went through sparse forest terrain, with the snow sparkling in the sun. when we stood atop the mountain, we had the chance to have a proper break, re-assemble our equipment, change our clothes and eat a snack. i also left a note in the summit book.
the descent was simply wonderful with lots of untouched powder underneath our boards. we were gliding and floating, as if the snow was cotton candy.


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