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longboard material workshop and miniramp skate session

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on monday the 13th of february, a minramp skate session and longboard workshop took place at the sixxa headquarter/adhoc pad in vienna.
i was happy to be able to take part – although i’m an absolute beginner at skateboarding, i love pumping the mini. it’s always great to watch people like fee bücheler, melly jovan or kathi macheiner skate, because i can learn a lot from them.
it was great fun to skate and i feel like we’ve influenced sonja leitner enough to get back that skateboard she borrowed to someone else and start street skating a bit aswell 😉

after the miniramp session, sonja taught us about setting up and maintaining a longboard. we even competed against each other in setting up a longboard and i have to say, i’m proud that i mastered this task in only 16 minutes, but of course the others were way faster than me. i’m a noob after all 😀
still, i got a set of orangatang wheels and a skate tool, so thanks a lot for that. i was stoked to say the least! i’m planning to build myself a new longboard and the wheels are a good start for that.

i hope, a lot of sessions of this kind will happen in the future. that’s the kind of ladies’ night that i enjoy the most!

here are some pics from the session.

more pics can be found here! and here’s fee’s blog entry about the session!


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