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in november, i visited some movie premieres and reviewed two of them for the gap – one was “The Art of Flight” by curt morgan, the other one was the freeski film festival in vienna.
i really enjoyed both nights. here is my review of “The Art of Flight” and here is the review of the freeski film festival.

also in november, i bought a splitboard including skins and crampons, aswell as a bivvy sac and new poles. i spent a lot of money on this setup, but after trying it out 3 times, i can already say that it was well worth it for sure. okay, i haven’t had to try out the bivvy sac so far, luckily 😉
i got the k2 panoramic in 158 cm. normally i ride a 148 jib board, so i was a bit anxious that it might be strange to ride a longer board, but – hell no – it felt pretty much just like the 148 k2 vavavoom that i own. also, i didn’t know if it would be stiffer or noodlier than my jib board, being split in the middle and all, but actually it’s a bit more stable… with less pop of course, but more float aswell 🙂

i’m very happy with my choice and i’m looking forward to touring a lot with it. so far, we hiked a bit in october, where we spent 2 days on the kitzsteinhorn, to get a feeling for our equipment and check out how it all works and how it works best. we also hiked up the veitsch (styria, nearly 2000 metres) and enjoyed knee deep powder there aswell.

hiking up the veitsch
on the veitsch i also got my first core-shot… haha, didn’t take as long to happen as i thought it would. i went over a rock, thought “oh, a shark”, but i didn’t think it was that serious because i didn’t fall or hit the rock really hard. when i checked out the base of my board at the parking lot at the end of the day, i had to notice that the rock had scratched through the base and that the core was visible.

but since i visited a wax workshop recently, i know a lot more about repairing and servicing boards. we repaired & serviced our boards today, which means, we’re all set for hiking tomorrow and on tuesday.
we have not decided which mountain we are going to pay a visit to, we will have to check out some conditions reports first, but i’m sure we’ll find something in the lower austrian / styrian alps.

i’ll keep you updated! so long, farewell!


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