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my first wakeboard contest

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on the 24th of july, roman and me were helping out a bit with the organization of the austrian wakeboard cup tourstop in vienna. in the morning, we brought some speakers, a mixing desk, etc and started to build up everything.
after a while, austrian wakeboarder astrid schabransky approached me and asked if i wanted to participate in the open women category, since only herself and another girl were going to compete…
i had not planned to compete, because i’ve only been riding for about a year and so far, my trick repertoire isn’t really big. i didn’t practise for the comp or anything… but still i thought that i should give it a shot and try my luck, just for fun and to see what a wakeboard competition feels like.

luckily, i was able to nail at least SOME of my tricks (in the qualification… in the finals, not so much ;)) and so i came in second – this came as a total surprise for me. thanks to the awc vienna for the awesome trophy and thanks to liquid force and corona for the nice goodies 😀
i had an awesome day, even though the weather was absolutely horrible (cold, windy, rainy – lots of waves on the water).

next week, i will be attending a wakeboard camp in upper austria. i’m hoping for the summer to return for at least that week, because i guess camping in the rain won’t be lots of fun. i want to try new things and maybe learn one or two new tricks… i can see myself competing in other wakeboarding contests in the future, but for now, it’s all just for fun and i still have loads to learn.




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