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upper austria adventure weekend

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upper austria adventure

last week, my boyfriend roman and me decided spontaneously to do a weekend trip to… somewhere. our only goals were to have as much fun as possible, see nice things and spend as little money as possible.
on friday, we finally had an idea where to go – we chose to go to the traunsee in upper austria. on friday night we packed everything we needed and went to our family so we could start our trip from there on saturday morning.

upper austria adventure
maybe we have too many hobbies?

on saturday at 7 am our alarm went off. when i opened the window, i witnessed some deer browsing in the back yard and two squirrels running around on a tree – it felt like i had woken up in a disney movie 😉

after breakfast, we left the house and drove to the jetlake. the jetlake is a lake in feldkirchen near linz which features a nice wakeboard cable.
since we hadn’t checked the tour plan of the austrian wakeboard cup, we were a bit surprised to notice that there was a tour stopp at the jetlake on that exact day, which was kinda bad and kinda good at the same time. bad, because we couldn’t ride there ourselves, good, because we got the chance to watch the best wakeboard ladies and men shred.
we also met fetzy there and watched him go crazy on the course.

luckily, there was also a big trampoline standing near the lake, so roman and me had a good time jumping around and trying inverts.

in the afternoon, we decided to jump in the car again and drive to the traunsee. when we got there, we noticed how crowded and tourist-y everything there was.
we asked for a place to stay at two camping sites but none of them had room for us.

so, what to do now? we were a bit bummed but at the same time, we thought that we might find a place that’s even better. we had a hard time searching for a new camping site without proper internet connection on our phones, but after some time we found a place called “camping am see” at the hallstätter see, about 45 mins by car from traunsee.

we were not sure what to expect, but when we got there, we were overwhelmed. the camping site was directly at the lake, in a park-like surrounding. we knew that we had found a good place to stay!
we quickly put up the tent and checked out the view at the sunset from the lake side.

upper austria adventure
roman crawling out of our tent

after the sun went down, we decided to go for a walk. an hour and a half aswell as nearly getting lost somewhere later, we were back in our tent and fell asleep pretty fast.
there were only 2 things that made the night only a 9 out of 10 points: the snoring guy in the next tent and the damn rock underneath my sleeping bag 😉

upper austria adventure
good morning! this was the view that awaited us at about 7:30 am.

the next morning, we woke up at about 7 am, left the camp site, ate some muesli bars for breakfast and then bought tickets for the gondola to the dachstein.
best decision ever! the weather was awesome and the view was beautiful. we visited the “five fingers”, which is a newly installed platform that offers an amazing view over the valley.

upper austria adventure
the “five fingers”

after walking around on the mountain for nearly 3 hours, we went down with the gondola and visited the hallstätter see.
it was pretty cold, but we still wanted to go for a swim there. the water was beautiful, very clear and refreshing.

after an hour, that felt more like only 5 minutes, we had to board the car again and start our journey home. we stopped in gmunden for pizza and icecream and then hit the autobahn. we were lucky, because shortly after we had passed a building site, there was a huge traffic jam.

we arrived at home in the evening and were really sad that we couldn’t stay any longer. we hope we can have such a nice weekend again as soon as possible.
i can only recommend packing a tent and discovering a new place for a weekend!

to see all pictures, check out the set on flickr or view all pics as a slideshow


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