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salmsee steyregg

wakeboard coaching by fetzy

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salmsee steyregg
salmsee steyregg

after trying & falling in love with SUP on saturday, we had a special plan for the next day.

so on sunday the 15th of august 2010, my boyfriend roman, 2 other friends and me went to upper austria to be coached by austrian wakeboard pro daniel “fetzy” fetz.

we were really lucky with the weather, because when we got up at 8am, it was pouring down but it stopped shortly after and turned out to be a wonderful, hot and sunny summerday.

roman working on backrolls.
roman working on backrolls.

we arrived at the lovely salmsee near steyregg at about 11am.
first, we did a warm up wakeboarding session.
after the bad slam from last sunday, i was a bit afraid to try to jump again but hearing fetzy’s voice through the walkie talkie in the helmet helped me a lot. he encouraged me to try it and applauded me for every little shit i did 😉

later on, our friends arrived aswell and we tried our best on the trampoline.
from the basics to handle passes, rotations and backrolls – we soaked up fetzys instructions and had a lot of fun jumping around although it was mega hot.
i even managed to nearly do a frontflip! wow! i never thought i could do something that scary so easily. i loooved jumping on the trampoline!

me nosegrabbing the guru board.

afterwards, everyone got to ride behind the boat with the walkie talkie helmet on. fetzy steered the boat and commented on our efforts.

it was so good, one of our friends even rode for 40 minutes and didn’t want to quit. i guess he was rather tired afterwards 😉

in the evening, we headed back home and everyone was really happy.

i can only recommend signing up for being coached by fetzy. everyone of us gained so much confidence and had a great time, it was priceless!

check out fetzy’s website including information about coaching here:


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