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freeriding in hintertux

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freeriding, hintertux

from march 18th to march 23rd i went to mayrhofen in tyrol with my boyfriend roman and on the 20th we did something special: we booked a guide (peter from rocknsnow) and went freeriding.

my name is stephanie posch and here’s my story!

on that rather warm and sunny day, we met up with peter from rocknsnow at 8:45 am in vorderlanersbach. we got hooked up with backpacks with an avalanche beacon, a shovel and a probe and then drove up to the hintertuxer glacier.
we took the gletscherbus 1 and before taking the chairlift, peter explained the usage of the avalanche beacon to us. on the chairlift, we learned about peter’s basic rules of freeriding… have fun and don’t hit a rock 😉

from the top station of the chairlift, we hiked a little bit upwards until we got to a short steep part and then we saw a huge, wide field open up in front of us.
we were a bit exhausted already, from trying to follow peter who was basically running up the mountain, but the view was even more breathtaking than that.
the first meters were rather daunting, i have to admit. we had to go down the steep part to get into that field of awesomeness and i was really concentrated on not falling over.
it was my first attempt at freeriding, after all! after clearing the steep part, i was relieved. i managed to get used to these new conditions and enjoyed myself.

we rode all the way down into the valley and took the gletscherbus gondola up again.
we did a few more runs without hiking and then peter made us climb a bit. we went up over rocks and stones to reach another wide field full of powder. at the top of the cliff, he took a wonderful photo of our small group, consisting of my boyfriend roman, michael from munich and myself, in front of a gorgeous, panoramic view.

freeriding, hintertux

the sun continued to shine all day long and we enjoyed ourselves very well offpiste. peter made us wait for lunch quite some time, which was a good thing concerning the weather, because the snow got slushier the warmer it got. when lunchtime finally came around, i had the BESTESTEST baked potato ever, i swear 😉

after the break, we did another very long run and then took the gondola to the valley.
it was time to say goodbye to freeriding and to peter.
we were totally exhausted but very happy and we will for sure go on another freeriding adventure with peter from rocknsnow as soon as possible!

thanks to peter for being our guide!

you can click through the pics here:


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